Sejukkan Kereta Dengan Solar Power Car Auto Fan

Bila parking kenderaan biasanya kereta kita sangat panas dan berbahang sehingga kita terpaksa buka tingkap untuk bagi angin keluar.Bila start engine kereta ambil masa juga untuk aircond menyejukkan kereta. Guna je Auto Fan ni.Sejuk je nanti kereta kita.

Solar Power Auto Fan menggunakan tenaga solar.kepanasan udara di dalam kereta dapat dialirkan keluar dengan mudah.

Hubungi noora 013-2191301.

Produk detail :
Removes hot and stuffy air inside your car with its unique method of ventilation - Blows hot air out of your parked car
Solar Powered - Needs no batteries
Fits in any Car/Van windows, and make complete kit provided for fitting
Install in seconds on any vehicles
The Car window can be completely closed as a normal car after fitting this gadget

How to Install?

1. Make Installation tape set into the entrances at the both ends of cooling devices.
2. Turn side window down about 30 com.
3. Install both of tape and cooling device on the glass of car window,and tighten them..
4. Cut off the extra tapes in accordance with the appropriate window length, untill the cooling device works closely with the vehicle.

Notice :

- Designed for use in parked cars only
- No use in rainy days or being driving
- Not working on dark tinted windows
- No use on the cars without a door frame above the window
- Operated by solar power energy

Color : Black


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