Pen pemutih gigi ni lebih murah dan mudah digunakan berbanding white light. Gigi jadi lebih putih dari sebelumnya dalam masa seminggu sahaja.Tentu wajah kita nampak lebih menawan.

Senang dibawa ke mana-mana sebab bentuknya kecil sahaja.

Hubungi noora 013-2191301.
Dazzling white instant whitening pen 4 shades whiter
Made in USA
Instant whitening pen
Whitens teeth in 1 week
Brand dazzling white

Product Description:

This professional strength whitening brush-on paint pen allows for a thin application of whitening gel. the active oxygen bubbles instantly begin to remove stains. 

Dazzling White is ph neutral & easy to apply. 

The gel dries quickly, so it won't rub off or cause irritation. Powerful Whitening: Dazzling White brings the power of professional whitening directly to you in a convenient gel pen. Powerful Results: Within just 1 week you will be able to whiten your teeth up to 4 shades whiter. Convenience: 

Dazzling White can travel with you, so you can easily whiten on-the-go to ensure that whitening treatments are not missed. 

Most Effective: Paint on whitening is the most effective method of teeth whitening because it begins the whitening process as soon as the gel is painted on the tooth. The hydrogen peroxide attacks stain molecules within the tooth for effective results you can see quickly.


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