Hilangkan Kedut Dan Remajakan Kulit Wajah Agar Sentiasa Muda Jelita.

Energy Beauty Bar 24K Gold dapat menghilangkan kedutan di wajah, sekitar mata dahi, leher dan membentuk semula wajah agar kelihatan lebih runcing dan remaja.

Hubungi noora 013-2191301 untuk maklumat produk.
The Energy Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse for Skincare - vibrates 6,000 times a minute (micro vibration), giving the facial muscle a right amount of stimulation in order to achieve a firming effect to improve the skin.

It can also reduce wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead and neck, instantly reshape the face contour to reveal your youthful look and energy! In addition, the 24K gold can beautify the skin, all you need is 2 - 3 minutes per day, then you will be able to easily obtain the firm and radiant skin you always dream of.

The natural current which exists inside the body can be affected by pressure and aging, which is the main cause for spots and loosed skin.

Since the wavelength of gold ions and living organisms' natural current is the same, a slide of the gold ions on the skin can regulate and balance the bioelectricity, thus promotes metabolism and activates skin cells, giving radiance and elasticity to the skin.

Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse for Skincare is 14cm in length and weighs 80g. It's made of brass, aluminium (The T part is gold-plated) and uses AA battery. It's designed in Japan and made water-proof, so you can use it during bath or shower.

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